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The Smart Bonding Approach

Gabriele Nau, Senior Market Manager

Gabriele Nau, Senior Market Manager Consumer Goods & Electronics

I see the Bonding Engineers’ task in considering the entire manufacturing process of our customers and adjusting our solutions to it. That’s why our Smart Bonding Approach includes

… understanding our customers’ applications

… choosing a suitable adhesive solution

… developing a tailor-made product which can be optimally integrated into the customers’ production process.

Our Bonding Engineers accompany those steps by providing their expertise and in coordination with the customer.

Understanding customer demands –
developing bonding solutions – committing to the service concept

Product development can be very exciting:

Join in when our Bonding Engineers develop a high-tech adhesive tape: So how does that actually work? It is a long way from the idea to the final product and many questions need to be answered and tests to be passed.

Especially in the consumer goods sector, manufacturers face major design and function challenges – this also goes for the development of a new high-tech adhesive tape. To find out where our bonding solutions could be applied, we thoroughly tear down a dishwasher, for example.

In our first episode, you will see how the idea for a high-tech adhesive tape is created and how practical our experts proceed.

In our second episode, you will see how the high-tech adhesive tape is born and which requirements it has to fulfill.

The third part is all about product finishing: According to the customers’ demands, the adhesive tape is refined into a customized die-cut allowing for an easy application.

The Bonding Arena®:
Here you can experience innovation!

Curious for more? Then visit the centerpiece of our Application Engineering and Product Design.

There is plenty of room here for new ideas: In the Bonding Arena® our experts develop surprising and convincing solutions. Because they have space to think ahead. And look closer. Sounds exciting, don't you think?

In our virtual Bonding Arena®, you can easily get an idea of how innovation is lived - and bonded - at Lohmann.

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