Solutions for Automotive Display Applications Expert knowledge provided by the Bonding Engineers

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New approaches for your engineering

In this online seminar, find out how adhesive tapes for modern automotive display applications offer new approaches for your engineering. Get to know the advantages of adhesive bonding, while learning about different product variants and tape formats as well as solutions for future requirements in the field of automotive display applications – all in one session!

Answers to your display challenges

But first and foremost, our agenda is to provide answers to all of the adhesive bonding needs and questions you might have. From bonding various kinds of current or future displays (e.g. touch-screen, curved, etc.) to a glimpse at what your Bonding Engineers can do for you on top of that – including, of course, adhesive tapes that do more than “just” bond.

Meet your Bonding Engineers:

Margareta Knychala, Key Account Manager
Peter Harendt, Head of Technical Marketing
Linda Klöppel, Product Manager Electronics

Key Account Manager Margareta Knychala is a Bonding Engineer with ten years of extensive experience in technical sales of adhesive tapes. For more than five years now, she has been specializing in the Automotive Electronics sector. Thus, she is more than prepared to give you a comprehensive insight into the Lohmann’s innovative solutions for automotive display applications.

Margareta Knychala, Key Account Manager

As Head of Lohmann’s Technical Marketing, Peter Harendt offers a wide range of expertise in adhesive bonding. Having been part of the Bonding Engineers for more than 18 years now, he is responsible for developing and providing smart bonding solutions and is currently setting-up the so-called “Lohmann Bonding Engineer College”, a training program aiming to communicate the basic knowledge of pressure-sensitive adhesive bonding to customers and partners. 

Peter Harendt, Head of Technical Marketing

Linda Klöppel has been a Product Manager for the Electronics sector at Lohmann for three years now. She has a deep knowledge about the Lohmann product portfolio and product lifecycle management. Her responsibilities contain leading new product developments for the Electronics portfolio as well as monitoring new product launches.

Linda Klöppel, Product Manager Electronics

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